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How long is the class? 
Day 1 usually last 3-5hrs


How long is the tour?
It’s usually a full day we highly recommend you not make additional plans on the day of the tour!

What’s all included?
classroom lecture , classroom materials,food & drinks on day 1, vip pass, certificate of completion,sale barn tour day 2, thank you gift,shirt

 Is it mandatory to attend the sale barn tour?
No it’s not mandatory but it is highly recommended So that you can get the full experience

Do you offer one on one sessions?
yes for an additional fee

What knowledge will I walk away with by attending this cattle class
After attending this cattle Estate class you will know how to properly set the business up from scratch, knowing all the legal documents needed! you will know the ins & outs of raising cattle & how to bid at the auction you will also know how to buy and sell cattle like a pro after attending this cattle class

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